Crystal Farms Equestrian Center – Marshall, MI

Gold Cup • June 11-14, 2014

Crystal Farms wrapped up another great show with many beautiful rides here at Gold Cup! Thanks to everyone who made this all possible!

Delaware’s Night Life & Kaylan Hayman
Grand Champion Hunt Equitation 14-17
Reserve Champion Hunt Equitation 16-17
Champion Hunter Pleasure 16-17

Wind Blu Locomotion & Jessica Brown
Grand Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure 16-17
Champion Hunt Equitation 16-17

GSK The Villain & Hayley Broich
AMHA Hunt Seat Medal Reserve Champion
Top 3 Hunt Pleasure 16-17

CN’s Stylish Debut & Alena Graves
Champion Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & Under
Champion UPHA Challenge Cup 13 & Under

MSV Maximus & Jessica Brown
Reserve Grand Champion Classic Pleasure Saddle Junior Exhibitor
Champion Classic Pleasure Saddle 14-17
Champion Classic Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & Under

Without Limits & Allie Okopny
Top 4 Classic Pleasure Saddle 14-17
Top 5 Classic Pleasure Saddle Limit Horse

Firemark Against All Odds & Emma Hayman
Champion Hunt Equitation 14-15
Champion Hunter Pleasure 14-15

Raintree Rebecca & Mary Carlton
Grand Champion Hunter Pleasure
Champion Hunter Pleasure Ladies

Graycliff Four Nines Fine & MJ Sklenicka
Top 4 Western Pleasure Amateur Stallions & Geldings

Hagerbrook Superman & Amy Embury
Grand Champion Hunter Pleasure Amateur
Champion Hunter Pleasure Ladies Amateur

Hagerbrook Superman & Karsyn Draime
Champion Hunter Pleasure 13 & Under
Top 4 Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Championship

Basic Black & Sara Heidenreich
AMHA Saddle Seat Medal Champion
Champion Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17
Top 3 Saddle Seat Equitation Championship

MEM Attaché & Hannah McBain
Grand Champion Saddle Seat Equitation
Reserve Champion Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17

JW Major Impression & Ellery Walker
Top 3 Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17
Top 3 UPHA Challenge Cup 14-17

Cederfarm Lancelot & Hayley Broich
Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Youth
Top 5 Western Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Championship

Knolltops Heir Apparent & Sara Heidenreich
Reserve Grand Champion Western Equitation
Champion Western Equitation 14-17

Salvador & Elizabeth Thomas
Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Novice Horse

Bear’s Agent Double O Soul & Taylor Sparks
Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Ladies

SSLLC Maximum Impact & Elizabeth Thomas
Top 3 English Pleasure Grand Championship
Top 3 English Pleasure Open

Faircrest Rare Edition & Karsyn Draime
Champion Western Equitation 13 & Under
Reserve Champion Western Pleasure 13 & Under
Top 3 Hunt Equitation 13 & Under Championship
Top 4 Hunt Equitation 13 & Under

Argento & Judy Fox
Champion Hunter Pleasure Amateur
Top 3 Hunter Pleasure Novice Horse

Merriehill Black Label & Jenny Miller
Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Amateur

MSV Miss Belle & Jan Ward
Top 4 Hunter Pleasure Amateur
Top 5 Hunter Pleasure Ladies Amateur

Enthusiastic & Hannah McBain
Grand Champion English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
Champion English Pleasure 14-17

Intrepid On Parade & Sara Heidenreich
Top 4 Park Saddle Junior Exhibitor
Top 5 Park Saddle Junior Exhibitor Championship

Dreamer’s Moonlight Rambo & Elizabeth Thomas
Champion English Pleasure 3 Year Old

Ultra’s Special Diva & Chloe Burnham Fleck
Top 4 Classic Pleasure Saddle Championship
Top 4 Classic Equitation 17 & Under

CBMF Cease Fire & Katie Collins
Reserve Champion English Pleasure 14-17

Morgan Valley Apollo & Jenny Miller
AMHA Western Medal Champion


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