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Boarding and Training


Full Training $1050 (Includes stall board and access to all facilities)
Workouts are timed and dictated by the individual horse’s needs and abilities, and each horse is assessed on a daily basis. Depending on the time and experience a horse has had to benefit from training, we judge when each horse can be ready to show and where he would benefit best from showing. Likewise, if a new horse is sent to Crystal Farms, we can make a fair and accurate appraisal of the horse’s ability (talent and soundness) and desire to be show worthy within two months training time. Typically within sixty days of professional training, the owner can be advised if the investment is worthwhile to proceed in training, or if it could be better allocated elsewhere.
Training methods are varied throughout the week to keep horses fresh and of a sound mind. Horses are typically worked six days a week with at least one or two days off a week. The amount the horse is worked is determined by age, health, growth in training, and other special needs. The schedule and routine for your horse can be discussed in detail with Mary and Kelly during a scheduled meeting.

Partial Training $825 (Includes stall board and access to all facilities) Horses in this program will be trained 3 days per week.

Training Ride $35
This is a great choice to have one of our professionals on staff to either evaluate your horse and its current state of training, to fix minor problems, or to offer even more insight into your training program
Hauling – Any general hauling that is done by Crystal Farms is charged at the rate of $1.00 per mile. There is a minimum charge of $75 for any trip.

Sale and Purchase of Horses
Any and all sales transactions conducted by a trainer/manager at Crystal Farms earns the trainer a commission of 10%. The purchase or sale of a horse requires a lot of time and effort from Crystal Farms staff. Horses purchased require the time and effort of travel, sometimes across the country. Clients are also responsible to cover the travel expenses of both the Crystal Farms staff and the rider (if requested).
Horses that are prepared and put through public auction by Crystal Farms will be charged per-day fees, plus 5% of the gross price that the horse brings through auction. This is in addition to normal training expenses. The seller pays for this preparation, presentation and commission.

When considering your choice of board options it is important to take into consideration the needs of your horse. Consider whether or not your horse may need special care, as well as goals for the future of you and your horse. Horses on board must arrive with a suitable halter. Other care items such as winter/summer blankets, fly masks, etc. are to be provided by the client. Board choices can be discussed with Mary and Kelly during a scheduled meeting.

Basic Board $475 (Includes access to all facilities)
-Stalls are cleaned daily in the morning
-Individual and group turnout available (approximately 5-7 hours per day) -Horses are grained 2 times daily (Tribute and Hubbard feeds)
– Horses are given hay 4 times daily (hay grown on site)
– Daily wormer is feed in the a.m. feeding (additional bi-monthly fee of $45) and paste wormer is given twice yearly and billed accordingly (rotated to provide best worming efficiency)
– -General blanketing is provided (All blankets MUST be clearly marked with owner name or Crystal Farms is not responsible for said blanket)
-Holding for Crystal Farms equine professionals (vet, blacksmiths, teeth, etc) is provided unless an outside professional is brought in, wherein the owner must be present
-All Crystal Farms equine professionals will be charged through the service provider or a check/cash will need to be provided at the time of the service.
-Supplements can be added for any horse at the owners expense
-Basic laundry service on site is included for bandages, polo wraps, saddle pads, sheets
-Laundry/repair of winter blankets and sheets can be sent to an outside provider at owners expense
-Sheath cleaning is provided at $40 per horse

Basic Board with Small Dry Lot attached $550
-Access to all facilities and amenities as Basic Board
– each horse will have a small dry lot attached to their stall for run in/out access

Extra Care Board – $590
Extra care board is another option that Crystal Farms offers to those horses that are not in training but require daily care by our staff. Extra care can range from a horse’s special medications, bandaging, to specialized turn out sessions with added boots, etc. Extra care board may also include the evaluation of soundness and/or readiness of a new horse to be put in training. New horses require extra time and evaluation that is imperative to their success here at Crystal Farms. The schedule and routine for your horse can be discussed in detail with Mary and Kelly during a scheduled meeting.

Intensive Care Board/Rehabilitation – $810
For horses that need more intensive daily attention or monitoring including time- consuming medication/bandaging, hand-walking, etc. This type of care is appropriate for show horses on let-down for a month or two following intensive training.
This program is an excellent option for “after the show season.” The show season, although fun, is a very active time for these athletic animals. Depending on the individual horse’s needs and condition, your trainers may decide to “let down” your show horse after show season. This time is a resting period from daily training and lessons. Your horse will be turned out either in their own paddock or the arena during the day, brought back in, groomed and put up as it is accustomed to at night. This is both relaxing and restful for a show horse’s mind and body. Some horses cannot tolerate being let down and others thrive on it.

Statements are sent out on first of each month. Payments should be received by the 15th of each month. Overdue balances by the first of the next statement period will be subject to a 1% charge.



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