Crystal Farms Equestrian Center – Marshall, MI

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are included in lessons and camps?

We start children as young as 4 years old for lessons. Any age adult is welcome. Anyone 6 years and older can attend camp.

How often do you recommend taking a lesson?

Once a week is the best plan for retention of skills. However, you can schedule lessons farther apart or have more than one lesson a week based on your riding needs.

Do I need to buy a helmet?

Crystal Farms has helmets available for your use in a variety of sizes.

Do I have to own a horse to take lessons?

No, Crystal Farms has many different lesson horses available for your use.

Will I always ride the same horse for lessons?

No, you may ride the same horse for several lessons in a row, but as new skills are accomplished then your horse may change to better challenge you.

Can I bring my horse for lessons?

Yes, you may trailer in your horse for a scheduled lesson.

Can I watch my child/spouse/friend etc. ride?

Yes, spectators are always welcome. We ask that you watch quietly, either on the deck or in the lounge.

Can I visit the farm?

Visitors are always welcome, but if you would like a tour then please schedule a time in advance.

Can we take pictures?

Yes, just let your instructor know and they will assist you in getting some great shots.

How many people are in a group lesson?

Usually there are 2 to 6 people of similar skill levels in a group lesson.


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