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Morgan Horse Shows

unnamed-3Should you have a Morgan horse that is ready to go to a horse show, the following preparation and fees will take place. The readiness of any horse and rider, show schedules and classes can be planned and discussed with Mary during a scheduled meeting. Horse shows require hard work and effort both from the client, the horse, and the Crystal Farms team.

Entry fees: Crystal Farms staff fills out your horse show entry blank, stating the classes to be entered. This will require copies of your horse’s registration papers (with the current owner stated), copies of your required USEF membership as well as AMHA, MJMHA, and UPHA cards as they apply. Crystal Farms requires either a check or credit card (when accepted at shows) before the entries are due, so that we may promptly send in all the entries before their due dates.

Per-day fees ($50/$60 OKC): The number of days “on the road” is determined over a month ahead of time for each horse show. Each horse will be charged $50 per day from the day before it leaves the farm including the day it returns from the show. The day before is spent vigorously preparing your horse; clipping, tail washing, sanding feet, tack cleaning, etc. and packing for the show. The per-day fee for the World Championships is $60. This “day fee” helps to offset the cost of overtime hours for employees, extra supplies, etc.

Class Fee ($25/ class): At horse shows there is a great deal of time spent preparing your horse and its tack for a show ring performance. Also, a member of the Crystal Farms staff will be with you and your horse for the entire experience. This class fee will be charged to your statement for each class that your horse is shown in.

Hotel and Travel Expense: The cost for the Crystal Farms team will be totaled and divided evenly between clients attending each show.

Body clipping ($ 60): Full body clip.

V-Clip ($ 30): Clipped from head into v-shape down the neck. This is used to
accentuate the horses head and neck features.

Show Clip ($ 40):
Show clipping fees are waved for those horses in training and preparing for a show. This fee will be charged for photo shoots, or preparing to show a sale horse. Show clipping includes a detailed clipping to the face, head and legs.

Horse Show Hauling: Horses are typically transported by professional van companies or by Crystal Farms. Show hauling charges vary depending on how many horses are hauled, number of rigs required, commercial hauling fees etc. Total charges are split evenly on a per horse basis.
For planning purposes the following estimates may be used: Lansing, MI ($175), Springfield, Ohio ($375), Lexington, KY ($525), Northampton, MA ($1100), Springfield, IL ($520), Oklahoma City, OK ($1,350).
If you choose to personally haul your own horse to a horse show, we ask that your horse arrives/leaves on the same day as the rest of the show string. There may also be a separate charge for hauling equipment (tack and set-up) that will be distributed between all clients that are hauling their own horses.

Feed and Bedding: The feed and bedding fees are totaled and divided up per horse. Crystal Farms always travels with an appropriate amount of complete feed for your horse, but we may be unable to take enough hay for the show string. Your individual fee will depend on the number of horses you own that attend each show.

Hospitality: The cost of snacks, beverages, parties etc. is totaled and divided evenly among clients at each show. Crystal Farms finds it is important to keep food and drinks in stock not only for social purposes, but also to keep up the strength and well being of the clients during the show.

Decorating: Extra stalls are needed at the horse show in order to provide the necessary tack rooms, feed rooms, and sleeping rooms for the caretakers who stay with your horses twenty-four hours a day. In addition, it is customary for the Crystal Farms stalls to be appropriately decorated so that your barn area at the show will be attractive and comfortable for all the owners and friends to enjoy the sport. It also provides privacy and a quiet place for your show horse as it rests between classes. Extra tack stalls and stall decoration expenses are pro-rated among all the entries that attend that show under the Crystal Farms banner. A decoration fee of $250 applies to those attending the Morgan Grand National & World Championship Horse Show. Crystal Farms takes great pride in our overall presentation and representation of our farm.

Box Seats:
At most horse shows, box seating is available. In the effort to make the horse show experience the most enjoyable, Crystal Farms usually reserves at least one section or more of box seating. This cost is then distributed evenly between the clients attending a show.

Sponsorships: Most horse shows depend on sponsorships to help offset their costs. At Crystal Farms, we encourage you to sponsor in any way you see fit. This is also a fun way to be involved with the show, since you can usually present the ribbon for any class that you might sponsor. At our World Championship show, sponsorships are particularly important. Our stall placement is very dependent on the amount of sponsorships we provide for the show. Please see either Mary or Chris for direction on sponsorship.

Lesson Horse Show Lease ($250/horse):
Some Crystal Farms lesson horses are also show horses and can be leased on occasion. All other horse show fees do apply. A lease for the World Championship is raised to ($500) due to the distance, time and extra care needed for Nationals. All arrangements must be made and agreed upon in advance.

Show Staff: Quality caretakers for your horses are very hard to find, and we believe that we employ some of the very best. Many of our caretakers have cared for your horses for many years and our employee turn over is very low. Caretakers spend hours with your horse each day attending to their very special needs. At shows, they stay with them 24 hours a day to ensure their safety and soundness away from home. They take great pride in the horses assigned to their care, and we encourage you to reward them by tipping them an amount of your choice at each show.


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